We as property owners own one or more properties, but are we managing it wisely ?

Propwiser Portfolio helps you manage properties from the angle of loan, taxation, maintenance, insurance etc

Decision Support Tools

We help you to take wise decisions and guide you through the entire journey.

Loan Against Property
Looking for loan for your personal/business needs?

Leverage your existing property and avail loan to your needs

With the help of this tool you will be able to get multiple loan offers against your property. Compare and choose the best offer. You can use it for various purposes like personal/business/marriage/education .


Balance Transfer Tool
Are you paying higher interest rate?

Find lower interest rates prevailing in the market

If you have the pain of paying higher interest rates, this tool helps you to find Banks with lower interest rates and allows you to transfer outstanding balance from the current Bank.


Tax savings on your Portfolio
Do you own one or more properties?

Find overall tax savings from your property ownership

If you own one or more properties and if they are on home loan, there are tax benefits out of it. This tool helps you to calculate your tax savings by calculating the difference between your tax liability without considering and with considering the property ownership.


Lending Partners


Collection of articles to guide you through the property portfolio for the sellers.