Our Story

Everyone love stories! Here is ours.

Propwiser is started in 2016 with a simple mission of offering financial decision related guidance to

First time home buyers in their home buying journey

And to Real estate owners to manage their investment life cycle

The need for this solution was realised when our Founder went through lot of challenges in home buying and selling during the process of resettling in India after his overseas tenure. The learnings he got from selling his Mumbai flat and reinvesting in his home town gave birth to this venture. Prior to this venture, he had spent 15 +years in Banking software industry helping banks to improvise their business process to serve their home loan consumers better.

Inspite of his banking background, during his selling process, he went through lot of decision challenges like rightly price the property for sale, should I refurbish or sell as is, do I engage with single broker or multiple brokers etc. Upon finalising the sale with a Buyer working as Investment Banker in real estate domain, they both had to run around between lawyers and Banks to learn the next steps in their transaction process.Subsequently while working on his reinvestment in his home town, he has to decide between options like buy a plot& construct or buy multi unit properties to generate rental income etc and which option is better with respect to affordability, tax savings, ROI etc .

That’s when he realised what all a first time home buyer planning to buy a house in future would have to go through and what all decision challenges repeat home buyers from non financial background have to face. That’s when he realised that customers touches the Bank bit late in their home buying journey and there is none to help him with lot of financial decisions one needs to make before finalising a property. All these learnings and musings, led to formation of Propwiser with a mission of guiding consumers in their real estate journey from consumers starting point, motivation and desired outcome.

Where do we stand?


    Phase I plan is to continue launching Decision support tools to consumers in a progressive manner to facilitate wise financial decisions.


    Phase II plan is to custom fit these tools to Businesses like Banks, Financial Planners, Builders, Agents, Lawyers etc to improvise their customer service and their productivity.


    Phase III plan to connect the consumers with businesses during their transaction journey. Consumers benefit from seamless transaction experience, business benefit from leads generated and serviced, and Propwiser benefits from happy user base and revenue share from business.

Our Amazing Team

Domain Wizard

He has spent first 15 years of his career in helping Banks to better their customer onboarding process and decided to spend his later part of career to leverage his domain expertise in facilitating consumers in their journey.

Excel Geek

He plays a Business Analyst role. Apart from standard responsibilities of being a go between for business and technology, he excels in converting the financial concepts into sophisticated excel formulas.

Backend Ninja

He is an all rounder in technology with special focus on back end. His strength lies in making his code to do the heavy lifting of the complex excel formulas so that consumers can visualise data in comparable formats for decision making.

Creative Detailer

An entrepreneur by himself and he takes the ownership of user experience with his love for simplicity and eye for creative details.

Solution Strategist

He takes charge of Propwiser solution architecture across web, mobile, apis, integrations, modules and databases.